The Widow

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Words of Faith

Rev.Rita S. Platt

September 1, 2013

Lessons from Unnamed Individuals: The Widow   

 Scripture    1 Kings 17: 1-16

 The sun beats down unmercifully upon the tiny town of Zarephath, a remote village well to the north of the land of Palestine. It is there an unnamed widow searches for sticks. Why is she searching for sticks? She is searching for sticks because she has no more fuel, and must find something to help her prepare one last meal for her and her son. You see, it hasn’t rained in over 3 years. The land is hard and dry and parched and barren. There is a terrible famine. And as usual, the poorest are hit the hardest.
She is resigned to the fact that there is nothing else she can do to sustain her own life. But for the sake of her son, with the hope that he might somehow survive, she gathers up sticks, trying to ignore the stomach pains and fatigue, yet feeling her life force slowly ebbing away. As she bends down to pick up a dead, dry chunk of wood, she sees in the corner of her eye the hazy figure of a man approaching the town gates. As he draws nearer, she can tell by his attire that this stranger is a Jew. He comes up to her and makes a request. “May I have some water to drink?”

She is preparing to die, with barely enough energy to complete her chores, and this stranger has the audacity to ask for a drink of HER precious water!

How would you respond?

  • ·        “Get your own water, stranger, I’ve got to worry about myself!”
  • ·        or “I’m the last person in the world you should be asking for provisions,”
  • ·        or, if you are  polite, we might say, “I’m sorry sir, I cannot help you. Perhaps some wealthy citizen of this town could be of assistance.”

Instead, she offers no resistance at all. She quickly gets up and hurries over to her water jug, to fetch him some water. Then, he pushes the issue: “While you’re at it, Ma’am, could you also give me a little bread to eat?”

And you just heard the rest of the story… she honors his request.

But it wasn’t an easy decision. After all, IT WAS ALL SHE HAD!  It is incredible to me that this woman gave up her son’s last meal!
This unnamed woman can teach us a lesson because we all face times when we are asked   to let something go:

  • ·         A dream of the way our life should be
  • ·         A relationship that just doesn’t work out the way we think it should
  • ·         A commitment of time

And we need to decide…do I hold on or let go? The unnamed woman let go and look at the result of her actions:

“the jar of meal was not emptied, neither did the jug of oil fail”  1 Kings 17: 16
 There is some controversy among preachers over this. Was the jar full? Or just enough each day?  What does it matter! That’s not the point! The point is, SHE NEVER RAN OUT OF GOD’S SUPPLIES
and I’m happy to tell you today with all assurance that God’s supplies STILL DON’T RUN OUT!

  • ·         God’s grace in our lives never runs out.
  • ·         The promises never run out!
  • ·         God’s ability to meet our needs will NEVER run out!

If we are willing to trust God and let go. 

Will you bow your head? Our human desire is to hold on to the things we thing need to survive.  What is in your hands?  What are you grasping so tightly?   God is challenging us to let go…risk…to let God be God.   God won’t pry it from our hands.  It’s our choice.

Are you willing to do that?   Are we willing to trust?