Christmas Memories

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Words of Faith

Rev. Rita S. Platt

December 22, 2013

“Christmas Memories”

Luke 2:1-19

If I were to ask you to name your favorite Christmas memory, what would it be?  Would it be your mother baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen?  Your dad setting up the Christmas tree? Would it be the beautiful sound of a favorite Christmas carol? The smell of evergreens? Would it be the memory of a Christmas pageant? Would it be a special present you received or one you gave?  The Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church?

We all have Christmas memories.  No other time of the year touches us in quite the same way. 

The odd thing about memories, is although they live deep within us, they are not always readily accessible. We understand… If you are like me you can forget things from time to time.  Have you ever purchased a gift for someone…packed it away… forgot you purchased it… found it months later?   I remember my mom doing that. I laughed; but now I understand because it has happened to me.

And it’s not only gifts. I never seem to have tape when I need to wrap my presents and I lose my scissors and pen while wrapping. I don’t think I am alone.  It has something to do with the pace we are living…too many things we try to put into each day.

Most of us have trouble remembering things from time to time. 

Outside of the Bible the most famous Christmas story is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. 

Remember Ebenezer Scrooge..the uncaring, unsympathetic character… Christmas “Bah Humbug”…the visits of the ghost of Christmas past…Christmas present…Christmas future… Frightened by what he sees, Scrooge makes a drastic change.

That’s why we need to celebrate Advent each year: to wake us up, to jog our memories, to remind us what this life is all about. The real priorities of life, love, joy, peace, goodwill toward others … that reminder that we are people who live in hope because God always keeps God’s promises. The season prepares us for Christmas and it reminds us of the importance of family, friends and the church.

One more thing we need to remember: sharing your Christmas memories has  the power to change someone’s life – people who are so weighed down by life. You can help them remember what it’s all about. When you see the joy on their face it will be your favorite Christmas memory.