CROP Walk 2022

Sunday, October 9, is the date for the CROP Walk for 2022.  This year, each team will pick how and when they will walk.   This is an East End community wide program with many churches in Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, Forest Hills, and Edgewood involved.  

 Why do we walk?  The motto of the Church World Service CROP walk is “We walk because they walk.”   In many places in the world, people must walk to attend school, to obtain food and water, or to obtain firewood.  This project raises money to help provide food and clean water for the hungry people of the world

We are looking for volunteers who will walk the 10 K or an optional 1 mile and sponsors to support the walkers with money for the needs of people around the world.  People who are willing to walk can sign up on Sundays at the Action Table after the Service.  The walkers will then be asking you to sign on as sponsors with your gifts of money.   

 The money raised is divided as follows: 25% stays in the local area for Wilkinsburg Community Ministry.  75% goes to Church World Service projects around the world.

 Won’t you become involved either as a walker or as a sponsor of those who walk?