“Flyboy” mural beautifies Wilkinsburg

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“Flyboy” mural beautifies Wilkinsburg

The mural near the Busway is ‘so much more than art’

Article in Pittsburgh Courier

WILKINSBURG RISING—Neon Coleman-Beauford is elated as Hebru Brantley puts the finishing touches on his mural, “Flyboy,” on Wallace Avenue in Wilkinsburg. (Photo by Emmai Alaquiva)

There’s a new resident in Wilkinsburg.

Meet “Flyboy.”

Flyboy sits taller than any human and can be seen for blocks.

He’s got certain powers no human would ever have. After all, he’s a superhero.

Flyboy is the name of the character that was illustrated on a building at the corner of Wallace Avenue and Pitt Street in Wilkinsburg, near the Busway. The mural was created by Hebru Brantley, an internationally-known African American artist from Chicago.

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust presented Brantley’s gallery show, “I wish I knew (how it felt to be free)” at the August Wilson Center last year. The Trust brought Brantley back to the area this year to do the mural. The mural is a project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

“Yesterday, there was a moment where there was an African American kid walking along the street,” Brantley told the crowd at the April 28 unveiling. “He stopped at the wall, and I was standing across the street watching his interaction. I didn’t engage him, but you saw in that moment where he connected with this wall, and whatever that message was for him, it was impactful. He slowly walked down the block taking apart the piece and really engaging with it. More than anything, that’s really my intended purpose.”

Marita Garrett, Mayor of Wilkinsburg, told supporters she was among those in a small group searching for the right spot for the mural to be located. One day, she looked toward the Wilkinsburg Busway and saw an empty building.

“The sun just hit right here,” she said.

Hebru Brantley

“I truly believe that a community needs arts and the culture, that’s essential to any community. If you don’t have that in your community, then what type of community do you really have,” Garrett said.

Flyboy is a character you can’t miss. If one grabs a bite to eat along Penn Avenue, they will see the mural. Headed on the “Fast Bus,” also known as the “P1” or the “EBA?” One is sure to see Flyboy.

Brantley has been recognized nationally for his public works and solo shows in Chicago, London, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. He’s collaborated with Nike and Adidas, to name a few. Brantley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in film from Clark Atlanta University.

Brantley told the New Pittsburgh Courier that Flyboy is all about empowering Black communities.

“It’s a lot to be said when you enter into African American communities and there’s a lack of representation in these settings (films, comics, cartoons),” he said. “So for me, it’s important to sort of create a character that can stand and be a hero (to African American audiences) and be a symbol of empowerment.”

“It’s so much more than art,” Garrett said. “What it signifies to our youth is that you can truly be anything that you want to be and that you should strive for excellence

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Crop Walk

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CROP Walk 2021

Sunday, October 10, is the date for the CROP Walk for 2021.  This year, each team will pick how and when they will walk.   This is an East End community wide program with many churches in Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, Forest Hills, and Edgewood involved.  

 Why do we walk?  The motto of the Church World Service CROP walk is “We walk because they walk.”   In many places in the world, people must walk to attend school, to obtain food and water, or to obtain firewood.  This project raises money to help provide food and clean water for the hungry people of the world

We are looking for volunteers who will walk the 10 K or an optional 1 mile and sponsors to support the walkers with money for the needs of people around the world.  People who are willing to walk can sign up on Sundays at the Action Table after the Service.  The walkers will then be asking you to sign on as sponsors with your gifts of money.   

 The money raised is divided as follows: 25% stays in the local area for Wilkinsburg Community Ministry.  75% goes to Church World Service projects around the world.

 Won’t you become involved either as a walker or as a sponsor of those who walk?

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Bishop does not prosecute

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Look at the article in the link here.   The Bishop plans not to prosecute a UM minister who married his son to his gay partner.  I think this is great news, that this bishop is willing to allow ministers to care for their church members even though the General Conference has not yet been able to modify the discipline on these matters.

What do you think?

Here is the link



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Church Closet Closed

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The church closet has been closed. We are hoping that someone will be willing to take over this responsibility in the future.

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Digital Photography

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Digital Photography Class at SAUMC 2:00-3:30 PM
2nd and 4th Wednesday of month

Pictures taken by participants and/or Bob are shown on a projected computer screen. Participants work in small groups using class computers to enhance and improve the pictures.

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Use Menus

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When you get on the site, you will see menu items.  Select these to see pages of the site.

Examples of menu items are:   Ministries and South Avenue News.

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Hello world!

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